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Melanie Calitri Holden

Melanie Calitri Holden dedicates her gifts to the miraculous transformation of life through the experience of Divine Love and Divine Play. Melanie helps thousands each day find the Divinity within, to rest in it, and to express it in their lives in miraculous ways!

From the documented disappearance of a precancerous lesion to the complete resolution of debilitating migraine headaches, people from all walks of life experience the miracle of healing in Melanie’s care. A leader in spiritual transformation and healing, Melanie opens the doors wide to new possibilities of fulfillment is all areas of  life with her intuitive guidance through personal consultation, her wonderful multimedia programs, and her powerful transformational workshops. Her playful, easy manner delights audiences, effortlessly sparking dramatic shifts in consciousness.

Melanie is the author of The Ultimate Wish Book for Grown-ups: How to Use the Magic of Santa to Create Your Dreams (www.ultimatewishbook.com) , for which she has received international acclaim. She creates internet based movies that offer peaceful communion with a growing interfaith global community and has hosted an internet radio show featured on VoiceAmerica.com. Melanie graduated from Boston University in 1984 with a degree in physical therapy. For twenty three years she has been helping individuals and organizations exceed their goals and flourish. Melanie is the owner of Physica Center for Healing and Education (www.physicacenter.com) where miracles are part of everyday life.

To support her audience, Melanie has created the 4 the Asking website - a place where serendipity is the operative word, and connections are made to help people receive their own special miracles. BIG miracles, and little ones. Melanie invites you to dream Big, and be unstoppable in your faith and determination. "God is in you ," she urges, "so everything is possible!"

Melanie is available for interview and on site programs. Please contact her at melanie@4theAsking.com
 or call +1 603-233-3484


Rekindering Company
Uniting the Spirit of Youth with the Wisdom of Years!

The "parent" company of 4 the Asking™ is Rekindering™ Company, established in 2004 to support Melanie's desire to provided inspiration, motivation, and "magic" to groups and individuals who have been bombarded with cultural messages of limitation, struggle, and complexity and who wish to reclaim their own power to change the world.

Melanie's husband, Bill, devised the name "Rekindering™ ", which comes from the German “kinder”, or children, to evoke the spirit of reconnecting with the innocence and joy of youth. “It is the bright, determined, and infinitely optimistic youth inside us that sees a world of possibilities rather than a dead-end job or relationship,” says Holden. She adds, “We offer methods and support to help you break the harness of limited thinking and to realize your deepest, most heartfelt desires.”

Besides providing written, audio, and web based materials to individuals, Rekindering Company provides training and interactive programs to corporations and non-profits with a special focus on transforming work environments into peaceful, cooperative, and highly energized places, where job satisfaction runs high, and individuals are deeply committed to the company's success.

Rekindering™ Company is devoted to bringing the freedom of youth back into our adult world, making life and work a lot more fun!



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