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If you find yourself on this page, you are not here by accident!
You are here in direct response to a wish, a prayer, or an intention that you declared, maybe only moments ago!

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It’s all yours....4 the Asking!  

At 4theasking.com you will find the connections, the tools, the support, and the inspiration you need to fully realize the potential that is you.  Resources and support are just a click away, from meditations and audiobooks to individual consultations with the world’s top coaches and spiritual masters. At 4theasking.com, you can join a worldwide community of people just like you, ready to change the world, one miracle at a time.

You set the magic in motion when you made your wish. Now, I am here to help, along with all the other Angels on Earth. Together, we will remember who we really are – Divine beings at play!

If you don't quite find what you are looking for, please email me at melanie@4theasking.com   or give me a call and I will personally help you find what you need to receive your own divine miracle!




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